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About Us



Iron Gut Publishing is an award winning gift company run by a team of people who are not only passionate about creating unique product but are also commercially aware of the direction the art and collectible's market is heading. Our focus is creating volume selling items that generate attractive margins for our retail customers and exciting product for the fans.


Our retailer support does not end when the purchase order arrives, we will co-ordinate with a brands social media team to ensure that the product and retailer is promoted so our product sells fast, our record so far was an entire collection selling out in less then 24 hours from the commencement of our social media support.

We attend conventions/comic con's and trade shows throughout Europe and witness first hand the unofficial poor quality artwork and gift product for sale, we want to give fans an officially licensed alternative, one that generates royalties for the brand and piece of mind for the end consumer.


So if your a retailer looking to increase traffic to your website, a TV shopping company looking to host a promotion with a difference or a licensor that would like to generate additional press and public interest in your brand then please get in touch with the team.

Latest News

Iron Gut Publishing signs a landmark agreement with Universal Studios. We will be releasing collections of limited edition hand numbered art prints and collectibles featuring some of the most iconic films of all time, from one of the biggest studios in Hollywood.

'Affordable Collectibles' is our mantra, we produce unique product which fans not only desire, but can easily afford.