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Retailer Information


Affordable Collectibles for All !

Iron Gut Publishing caters for all sectors of the retail market:

Gift retail

We have collections of ‘pick up’ art and collectibles that appeal to all demographics, priced to sell volume and created specifically for the gift market. Let your competitor’s stock unofficial low quality open editions, you can offer your customers a limited edition collectible that fans will appreciate. For independants we have framing partners and distributers that work with modest quanties, for larger retailers we can create exclusive ranges to hit any desired price point.


Mail Order / Internet retailers

We have a proven track record with both mail order and internet retailers. Our ‘entry level’ range of limited edition artwork and collectibles can be supplied in mail order packaging and we enjoy a virtually zero percent faulty returns rate.

A direct dispatch service is also available for volume.

Competition prizes including artwork signed by the cast/artists/directors are fantastic for on-line marketing activities, let us work with your social media team to help generate additional sales for you.

Specialist retailers

From music retailers to greeting card stores, in the current climate it makes sense to broaden your appeal by stocking something different, let us create a range consisting of exclusive artwork just for you. With the high street becoming ever more standardized you need to stand out from the crowd and our ranges will help you do that.


Art galleries

Our consultants can work with you to organise a successful exhibition. Whether it is supplying guest stars for signings, creating press releases and P.O.S or offering exclusivity for your part of the country, let us help you to put your gallery on the map.

With a number of important anniversaries for our brands coming up you will be able to capitalise on the press and public interest and host an exhibition that will enable your gallery to appeal to a whole new audience.

TV Shopping

With artwork that look amazing on screen and multiple retail price points we can create a show to suit any demographic.

A number of out consultants have TV presenting experience and know how to sell artwork on screen.

We have helped retailers celebrate anniversaries as varied as the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, the 400th anniversary of the passing of William Shakespeare, Muhammad Ali's 70th birthday, 50th anniversary of Coronation Street, 25th of Sonic the Hedgehog and Jurassic Park, the list is endless, let us help you create a show that will generate both press and public interest.

Non–UK Retailers

We ship to retailers all over the world  (license permitting), so get in touch to see how we can support you.

Latest News

Iron Gut Publishing signs a landmark agreement with Universal Studios. We will be releasing collections of limited edition hand numbered art prints and collectibles featuring some of the most iconic films of all time, from one of the biggest studios in Hollywood.

'Affordable Collectibles' is our mantra, we produce unique product which fans not only desire, but can easily afford.